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At L.Jones Photography & Designs, our mission is to bring your creativity to life through professional images and/or content that meets your business goals. We aim to exceed every clients' expectations!


Donovan Jones

I bought my first professional camera for the purpose of taking pictures of my family as a hobby.  That hobby turned into something more than I'd imagined.  In learning the features of the camera, I discovered that there is more to photography than just taking pictures.  While studying and learning, one social media post along with referrals led to client bookings!  I am a self taught professional photographer and enjoy working with each client to create beautiful images.  


Valencia Jones

I've always had an interest in technology since grade school.  I am a self taught professional that enjoys developing websites, creating logos, graphic designs and digital content for business professionals.  I began this journey by creating websites and digital content for friends and family as a hobby and referrals led to various client projects!

Together, we established L. Jones Photography & Designs to combine both services in Photography and Web/Graphic Designs.  We enjoy creating an amazing work of art and most important, building relationships with clients!

We are both graduates of Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University!

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